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Sep 28, 2021

Lisa talks about the magic of intermittent fasting with Ben Tanner of









Sep 21, 2021

Lisa tackles the challenging topic of being content with less. 









Online courses - check out all of his published works on his site



The places to start cleaning out are 1) Car  2) Living areas/dining room/porch  3)...

Sep 14, 2021

Wondering how to incorporate essential oils into your healthy regimen? Lisa talks with Dr. Eric Z of




BOOK:  essential-oils-apothecary


Orange is the essential oil he uses that works an an anti-depressant


Spearmint is used in his 1-2 punch as a...

Sep 7, 2021

Lisa talks to holistic pediatrician Dr. Nelli Gluzman, Dr. Mom. 




The Dirt Cure:


If you are interested in starting a career as a health coach, click this link to find out more from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition: