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Feb 2, 2021

Gluten-free living sound tough? Not if Elene Murray is your guide. 


Elene Murray, functional medicine consultant, in Central Arkansas



Physicians she referenced:


Dr. Peter Osborne


Dr. Tom O Bryan


Dr. Rodney Ford is also a gluten-free guru.  rodney-ford  is his website. His saying is “anybody, any symptom, any time” in regards to gluten to your body. 


Dr. Allesio Fasano 32051759 All Disease Begins in the (Leaky) gut


zonulin has something to do with gluten and leaky gut


Lipopolysaccharides is one of the big words she used.


D.R.E.S.S. is her formula for health success and getting rid of leaky gut. 




S-Stress Reduction 



She referenced MTHFR gene mutation issue that many people have. 


Wheat in cosmetic products also bothers people. 


As you age, you need enzymes to help digest the food


Peanut butter is commonly moldy. Look for brands that are guaranteed mold free. 


Organ meats and cod liver oil are so important. 


For carpal tunnel syndrome: proteolytic enzymes is the website with the organ meat


The Gluten Summit



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