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May 31, 2022

Lisa and guest Natalie Sanderson break down what to watch this summer for streaming fans everywhere. 



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Tinder Swindler Netflix

The Thing About Pam Hulu

Life with Beth Hulu Amy Schumer

The Kardashians Hulu

Oldie but Goodie-Bad Words

Deep Water-Hulu

Bad Vegan Netflix

The Girl from Plainville Hulu

Fresh - Hulu

The Invisible Pilot (Arkansas story) HBO Max

The Outlaws with Christopher Walken Amazon Prime

Severance Apple 🍎 TV

Old Enough Netflix

Better Nate than Never Disney +

Our Father Netflix

Candy - Hulu

Under the Banner - Hulu

The Worst Person in the World - movie

Workin’ Moms Netflix

Lincoln Lawyer Netflix




Anatomy of a Scandal Netflix


Grace and Frankie Netflix


Linda Collins Smith episode on Dateline









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